Monday, January 3, 2011

Jelly New Years

Yet again, in spite of the day of symbolic revitalizations, repentances and resolutions, nothing's really changed. I'm not particularly depressed when I say this - I don't like it when people sigh while saying this like "same old, same old".

But there IS something a little different this year. Maybe it's my Korean consciousness that's telling me that I am indeed getting old, and more pressingly, acknowledging that my time on this Earth is and has been running out. It would sound like just another New Years resolution and in many ways, it is. I can't let any more opportunities slip through my fingers.

Away from the panic and moody topic, I give you the first tile of 2011

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken

I have to say, this guy was by far the hardest piece I've done so far. This was done on a 10 x 20 canvas so I suppose it counts as two tiles. This one took about 4 hours more than other pieces and I was worried I might get cross eyed after I was done with this. Not to mention the bloody steaming weather didn't help me focus either. Again, I'm reasonably happy how the end product turned out, but it could have been better with more ideal climate conditions...

My next piece will be another 10 x 20 by the looks of things, and it could be another Tekken Character just for the sake of it.

EDIT : I just realised you can still see some discrepancies in paint in the background. This is because I ran out of the brand of black paint so I had to switch halfway through. I'll have to tidy up the background a bit in the future...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Season's beatings

It's been 6 straight days of eating out/bbq'ing and its quite apparent I've gone back to the way I was before the half-assed weight loss. As much as it sounds like a new years resolution, I am going go back to my old diet and routine from the 2nd of Jan. Well, ok. I guess it IS a new years resolution. So what, I'm eating good food. No regrets.

Aside from my epic battle against fatty stuff in general, I have a couple of new paintings up. Originally intended as Christmas gifts, but they turned out so nicely and now I want to hold on to them :(

We'll see how it goes; if I don't get any presents, then I won't give.

Anyway, I present you the "wall of fame"'s first female model, 

Kate Beckinsale.

God she is so hot.

And another first for the Wall of Fame, a non human fictional internet meme character...

...the Troll Face lolol.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To my non-existent regular readers 2

It's been almost a year since I've posted on this blog.

I forgot how much effort I used to put on this, despite there being no one actually visiting...
Well, I don't really care any more and I'm just going to use this space as an archive/diary for myself. And of course, there will also be updates with new "Wall of Fame" tiles. Speaking of which, I happen to have started working on those again n
ow that I'm bored shitless (4 months Uni holiday FML).

Here are the 2 newest addition to the family:

Dimebag Darrel (August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004)

I don't know if anyone will remember but there was a tile that I didn't finish working on because I couldn't find a suitable picture to go with it. Well, now I have and you'll be glad to know it turned out to be a bit of a venture for me.


.... And After!

James Hetfield of Metallica

This one was a little difficult to pull off as there was so much noise and mist in the background, I had trouble finding the outline that I traced. What I did to remedy that was this. I painted his silhouette completely in black and worked my way back with white. I've always avoided using white paint as much as possible as they are a bit more annoying to deal with than black paint so this was a rather fresh idea. In the end, it turned out a bit like a graphic novel drawing but it was an interesting process. I'll have to try these gradations again sometime soon because I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far.

Well, that's it for today. Check this space for more updates with new pictures in the near future.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So yes, there has been lots of running around and meeting up with old faces in the past month. And as always, there follows an obstacle or two in every journey. To get through mine, I had to pay with my left big toenail last week. I won't get into how I managed to do it cuz its really boring. The point is, it got lifted off my toe, and had to be removed...
I actually have a picture of the dead toenail before it got removed but my feet are ugly so I won't bother posting it.

But yeah, went to the doctors in the hopes that it's not a big deal and he started poking my toe with a fucking scalpel. Only after he was done slicing up the skin, he thinks it should be removed so THEN comes the anaesthesia, which was equally painful. Fucking asshole.
Luckily for him, my toenail healed up quickly and I was able to walk and run again in about 4days. And my travels continued...

During these boring days indoors, I remembered that I had bought some stretched canvas and paint a week back. I had bought these in the thought that I'll give out my stencil paintings as Birthday presents and Christmas presents to relatives and friends. And that was the time to get onto it. These pieces have all been given away but I took the time to take pictures before I sent them off, so here they are.

The Icononic "I'm disgusted by you" face - Agent Smith

The also-iconic counterpart - Neo (Sorta screwed up doing the face)

Neo with a rifle (probably a M4A1 Carbine) - PEW PEW

... And finally ol' Marlon Brando Himself

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh dear...

Sure, football excites me.

But not in the same way it does for this guy.