Monday, January 3, 2011

Jelly New Years

Yet again, in spite of the day of symbolic revitalizations, repentances and resolutions, nothing's really changed. I'm not particularly depressed when I say this - I don't like it when people sigh while saying this like "same old, same old".

But there IS something a little different this year. Maybe it's my Korean consciousness that's telling me that I am indeed getting old, and more pressingly, acknowledging that my time on this Earth is and has been running out. It would sound like just another New Years resolution and in many ways, it is. I can't let any more opportunities slip through my fingers.

Away from the panic and moody topic, I give you the first tile of 2011

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken

I have to say, this guy was by far the hardest piece I've done so far. This was done on a 10 x 20 canvas so I suppose it counts as two tiles. This one took about 4 hours more than other pieces and I was worried I might get cross eyed after I was done with this. Not to mention the bloody steaming weather didn't help me focus either. Again, I'm reasonably happy how the end product turned out, but it could have been better with more ideal climate conditions...

My next piece will be another 10 x 20 by the looks of things, and it could be another Tekken Character just for the sake of it.

EDIT : I just realised you can still see some discrepancies in paint in the background. This is because I ran out of the brand of black paint so I had to switch halfway through. I'll have to tidy up the background a bit in the future...

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